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Homeowners Insurance Coverage Explained

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Many people buy home owners insurance, but don't know how their coverage works, and are unpleasantly surprised by what is not covered when they have a claim. Even if you think you know your homeowners insurance, please take the time to read through the coverage discussions linked on this page (including the business activities exclusion, even if you think it does not apply to you)  -- my shopping tips can save you money &  help you avoid costly mistakes with your coverage.

Although my blog posts provide useful general information, only your insurance agent or your insurance company can confirm your insurance coverage, and how your insurance coverage works. Use the information I provide as a starting point, helping you work with insurance companies, to choose the best home insurance coverage for you.

Coverage A: Your House (Building /Structure)

Coverage B: Detached Structures (Detached Garage, Shed, Workshop, etc.)

Coverage C: Your Home's Contents (Personal Property, Furnishings, Clothing, etc.)

Replacement Cost Coverage

Personal Property Limitations, Exclusions, & Scheduled Personal Property

Coverage D: Loss of Use / Additional Living Expense

Coverage E: Personal Liability

Coverage F: Medical Payments to Others

Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance Coverage

Exclusion for Business Activities & Business Property Limitations

Ordinance & Law Coverage

Water Back Up from Sewers, Sump Pumps, & Drains Coverage

Loss Assessments Coverage

Personal Injury Coverage: Insurance against Slander, Libel, Wrongful Eviction, & More

Replacement Cost Guarantee and Extended Replacement Cost

Mortgage Protection Insurance Coverage

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