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The Best & Worst Auto & Home Insurance Companies in each US State

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Insurance companies are regulated by each state, not the federal government. Rates and coverage are specific to comply with each state's insurance laws & regulations.  Each state's insurance market is unique, where some national companies and regional companies are better or worse (or not available) in one state, than they are in another state. For example, Nationwide is a major auto insurer in North Carolina, but it has little auto insurance market share in Oregon. Tennessee Farm Bureau is an important home & auto insurer in Tennessee, but it's available in few (if any) other states. The state reviews above analyze the customer complaints of the major auto & home insurance companies operating in each state, ranking them from best to worst, to let you know the options in your state, when choosing an auto or home insurance company. If you really want to save money or choose the best company, you need to know about the auto & home insurance companies operating in your state.