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When shopping for homeowners or auto insurance, you want to get all the discounts you can get. However, don't think the company with the most discounts has the lowest price.

A while ago, I was shopping for auto insurance, and received a price quote several hundred dollars higher than the insurance company I had at the time. The insurance company representative started to tell me all the discounts which were included in the quote. I guess the representative thought I was willing to pay more for my auto insurance if I received a lot of discounts. I would rather get no discounts and pay a lower rate, than pay a higher rate with 100 discounts applied to it.

So, when comparing auto insurance companies, the goal is to get the best price for the coverage you need and the customer service you deserve -- not get the most discounts.

However, when you get car insurance quotes, you want to make sure you get ALL the discounts to which you are entitled.  Not every insurance company will have all the discounts explained in the links below, but if you are aware of all the types of auto insurance discounts offered by some insurance companies, you will know to ask about them, to make sure they are not accidentally overlooked, when you are getting auto insurance price quotes.    

Anti Theft Auto Insurance Discount

Long Term Car Insurance Policyholder Discount / Cash back Bonus

Multi Policy Discount

Annual Mileage Auto Insurance Discount

Future Effective Date Auto Insurance Discount

Higher Auto Insurance Liability Discount

Progressive's Snapshot Discount

Occupational & Group Affiliation Auto Insurance Discounts

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