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AAA NCNU Review - 2014

AAA of Northern California, Nevada, & Utah, formerly the California State Automobile Association, is one of the groups of insurance companies owned by the American Automobile Association (AAA), which is well-known for its towing & travel assistance services. AAA NCNU ( AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company, AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company of NJ, AAA Northern California NV & UT Insurance Exchange, ACA Insurance Company, Keystone Insurance Company, & Western United Insurance Company) sells auto & home insurance through its AAA offices & independent insurance agencies in Northern California, Nevada & Utah, but other states, too. AAA insurance groups usually operate regionally, but there may be more than one AAA insurance group available in your state, so don't confuse the AAA NCNU companies with Auto Club Group, Auto Club of Southern California, or the Commerce / MAPFRE companies. 
AAA NCNU is the 16th largest auto insurer & the 17th largest home insurer in the USA.  Scroll down to see the full review. 

AAA NCNU Auto Insurance Claims & Customer Service


AAA NCNU Home Insurance Claims & Customer Service


AAA NCNU Auto & Home Insurance Pricing

AAA NCNU received the JD Power rating of 3 power circles (about average) in the category of auto insurance pricing, in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, & Utah, for the 2013 JD Power auto insurance customer satisfaction study. For auto insurance shoppers surveyed nationally, throughout the USA, in the 2013 JD Power auto insurance shopping study, AAA NCNU was received the lowest JD Power rating of 2 power circles for auto insurance pricing. However, AAA NCNU received the JD Power rating of 4 power circles (better than most), in the category of home insurance pricing, for the 2013 JD Power home insurance customer satisfaction study.
For you, AAA NCNU may or may not have competitive auto or home insurance rates. This is true of all insurance companies. No single auto or home insurance company has competitive rates for everyone, with some companies charging a lot more than others. This is why many insurance companies advertise about the big savings some people find with them. Don't depend on reviews or people's opinions about which companies have low rates. You need to shop to find the company with the best rates for you. You really can save a lot of money, by making sure you are not over-paying for your coverage, by shopping your auto & home insurance each year. But you have to shop with as many companies as you can, to find the insurance company with the best rates for you. You can use the ad above this  paragraph,  linking to leading insurance company websites, to get auto, homeowners, health, Medicare supplement, and life insurance quotes now.
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